How do I reach a sales person who can help me?

Answer: To request a quote please complete our online form here.

How can I contact Boateng Logistics?

Answer: To get in touch with us you can email us at or call (877) 203-5335. Our hours of operation are weekdays, 7:00 AM EST – 7:00 PM EST.

I want to schedule a pick up. Who do I contact?

Answer: Please contact a logistics specialist, they will help you with your scheduled pick up.

I have a billing question. Who can I talk to?

Answer: Please contact us at or call (877) 203-5335.

What are Incoterms? How do I determine which Incoterm to use?

Answer: Incoterms are 13 standardized definitions of commonly used shipping and trade terms that cover such issues as control of goods and financial responsibilities, including payment of cargo insurance and freight. They provide traders with a common set of rules, outlining each party’s obligations, thus reducing misunderstandings. You’ll want to discuss with your trading partner what its requirements are and how